Taylor Automotive
We carry out vehicle and product development mainly focused on classic high performance vehicles. Our services can be tailored to the customers needs – from bespoke vehicle creation to specifically focused development on an existing vehicle. Our large modern workshop is set in an idyllic location in East Sussex just north of Eastbourne. With a large compound behind security gates we can conduct initial vehicle testing without venturing onto public roads. Our dedicated fabrication area is equipped with an Edwards box and pan sheet metal folder, Edwards Truecut sheet metal guillotine, Mig and Tig welding facilities, 16″ reciprocating metal saw and a Colchester Bantam lathe.

For vehicle development we have various electronic equipment – data loggers, ECU’s and multiple lambda measurement sensors. Suspension alignment is carried out with laser alignment equipment, digital camber gauges and digital corner weight scales.

We have a huge selection of fixings and fasteners used in the automotive industry that allows us to carry out installation work to the highest standards.

What can we offer:
We only work on classic cars
We only use high quality parts from trusted suppliers
We can arrange collection of your vehicle in covered and insured transport
Race preparation breed inspection schedule
Access to some of the country’s finest craftsmen
We have a steel flat floor for accurate suspension setup – road or race car

We use laser alignment tools and digital corner weight scales to achieve correct alignment of all four wheels. This can often transform the ride and handling of a vehicle.
Upon arrival your car will have a thorough inspection and test drive. Ensuring that we find everything that could be a problem to you in the future and us in the short term. Our inspection schedule is based on our race preparation experience. A written copy is available to you, the customer, and we are more than happy to show and explain to the points highlighted by it.

development work can be carried out here to ensure the car and driver are in synch.
We do lots of work on the following systems:
Suspension and handling
Ignition system
Vehicle electrical system
Fuel system – both injection and carburettor
Driver comfort
Above all we listen to the owner of the car and try to tailor the development of the car to suit their driving style, budget and ultimately what they intend to use the car for road or track.

On a regular basis we have to design and manufacture specialist parts to fulfil our customers’ requirements.
Depending on the nature of the problem, either we will produce cardboard mock ups of parts – particularly sheet metal assemblies or we will use CAD to design and prove the concept before we have the parts manufactured.
Increasingly we are using the new technology of 3D printing to produce prototypes in plastic before committing to the final design.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or you can visit our Ebay shop for parts

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Our Address:

Willow Farm, Lewes, East Sussex. BN8 6HJ